The Snapdragon Pro Series is the world's largest multi-genre mobile esports competition.

Spanning across multiple regions and a wide range of games, the Snapdragon Pro Series is revolutionizing mobile esports.

Players are given the ultimate opportunity, to start competing in the Snapdragon Mobile Open, and progress all the way to Snapdragon Mobile Masters, a global competition bringing together the best players from around the world.



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Your entry into the world of mobile esports


Play against the best in your region


Starts Spring 2024

Champions from around the world face off


The Snapdragon Pro Series is the fastest growing mobile esports platform in the world. Players have the unique opportunity to compete against others in their region across several of the hottest game titles. The program consists of three competitive tiers, allowing players of all skill levels to compete and win.

Snapdragon Elite Gaming™ features power the ultimate gaming advantage – packed with edge-of-your-seat mobile gaming tech including desktop-level performance, ultra-realistic graphics, and lightning speeds that’ll unleash your inner champion. Buckle up for the thrill of victory and learn more here.

As long as you are over 16, and competing from an allowed region, you can compete! Please check each specific game title for more in depth qualifications.

CODM, Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars, Asphalt 9, Clash Royale, MLBB and Free Fire. (Please check your region for which games are available to you!)

Please check each specific game title for more in depth information.

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Gather your teammates, or fly solo, and choose the game title you wish to compete in!

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